Often asked: Doki Doki Literature Club Short Story Where Girl Kills Her Neighbor?

Why did sayori kill herself?

Regardless of the player’s choice, Sayori will kill herself. Her relationship with the protagonist and other people’s happiness are her main coping mechanisms since she believes that if she makes everyone else happy, she will not have a reason whatsoever to be unhappy.

Why did Yuri kill herself?

She is ultimately unable to control her obsessive outbursts. It reaches a point where, after she confesses her love to the protagonist, she stabs herself to death out of over-excitement or rejection (depending on the protagonist’s response to her confession, both lead to the same outcome, courtesy of Monika).

What happens if you delete Monika after sayori dies?

If the player decides to delete Monika from the game, Monika will then glitch out, before becoming disembodied and angrily expressing her disgust at the player. She will then claim that she made a mistake and express her regret at what she has done to her friends.

When should I delete Monika?

Delete Monika’s file directly before reopening the game. Worth noting that the delete buttons for each system are the X button on the Nintendo Switch, the Triangle button on Playstation, and the Y button on Xbox. Players will know it worked when they start the game up again and see that Monika is no longer there.

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Did Sayori kill herself because of Monika?

An attack on the game which Monika controls. Sayori chose to hang herself because most visual novels don’t deal with that stuff, and since DDLC is (in a story sense anyway) a romance-based game, it wouldn’t be able to handle Sayori’s suicide.

Will Sayori always kill herself?

Essentially, Sayori is doomed to hang herself at the end of Act 1 no matter what you do. However, there is a secret ending that you can obtain that will change the final ending of the game, and while it does still involve seeing Sayori kill herself, you can at least end on a happier note.

Is Yuri a Yandere?

She is said to be very crazy around your character (yandere). During act three, Monika gives a piece of dialogue confirming that Yuri was, indeed, a yandere.

Can you stop Yuri from dying?

Yuri dies in the previous version of the game, but fans are wondering if she dies in DDLC Plus or not. Like it or not, Yuri will stab herself and will die in DDLC Plus. No dialogue options or actions can prevent her death. The secret ending will not save Yuri, but it will change the whole outcome of the game.

What happens if you reject sayori?

Sayori hesitantly accepts this and goes home. If the protagonist rejects her confession, Sayori becomes heartbroken and despite trying to accept that things are back to the way they were, is unable to control her emotions and screams out loud in pure agony. Before the protagonist can do anything, she runs off.

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What happens if I don’t delete Monika?

Not just in another room, but after she herself has deleted the rest of the game. If players don’t delete Monika at this stage in the game, they will only be able to speak to Monika when they return.

Can you prevent sayori from dying?

No matter what decisions you make in the game, Sayori’s death will not change. You can go back and change the way you interact with Sayori at the beginning of the game and make her last moments as happy as possible, but again, you won’t be able to prevent her from taking her own life.

What happens after Monika dies?

After you close the dialogue box, Monika will delete her. chr file from the “Characters” folder. Attempting to add her again will start the game normally, but no text box will appear, and Monika will silently delete herself from the folder again.

How does Monika know you’re recording?

During Act 3, if the player has OBS or XSplit running in the background during the part where Monika says the player’s PC name, instead of that dialogue appearing, she will notice that she’s being recorded and after a short talk will jump-scare the player.

Can you delete Monika’s character file?

To delete Monika’s character file, exit to the in-game desktop, and then go to Files. In that space, you’ll find the Characters folder and in there you’ll see Monika’s. chr file. You can’t open it this time, but if you press X on Switch, Y on Xbox, and Triangle on PlayStation, you’ll have the option to delete it.

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Why does Monika love the player?

It is revealed that Monika was self-aware all along and resented having no romantic role in the game, as that meant there was no happy ending coded for her. She also makes her infatuation with the player more obvious and urges them to spend more time with her.

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