Often asked: How To Get To Bullseye Room From House Hello Neighbor?

How do you get into Hello Neighbor sunroom?

When the time is night, go to the moon door, and open it. Set a chair in the frame to keep it propped open. Then, when it’s day, go back to the moon door, which should still be open. From here you can access the sun door, which can also be propped open with a chair.

How do you get to the train room in Hello Neighbor Act 3?

Open the door and jump on to the train track. Then, jump inside the place visible above. Jump through the hole to reach another room.

Where is the Dollhouse in Hello Neighbor?

The dollhouse is an important puzzle in Act 2. It can be found in Act 1 and 3, but it is useless. In Act 2, it is located in the children’s room and has a pink lock on it. It requires the shovel to get the key.

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How do you get inside the house in Hello Neighbor?

The neighbor whose house you need to sneak into will be watching you. Once he sees you, you will be chased down and things will be thrown at you. The best way to get to the secrets is by using the walls and the corners as cover and hiding all the way to the inside of the house.

How do you unlock the first door in Hello Neighbor?

Enter the hole in the wall, then turn around. On your left, you’ll find a golden key hanging from a hook. After making your way through the hole in the wall in Hello Neighbor, be sure to grab the golden key. Grab the golden key, use it to unlock the door, then look for the Red Car Key located nearby.

How do you play the guitar in Hello Neighbor?

Location. The guitar can be found in the room across the room entirely flooded with water. To drain the room of water, the player must twist the pump attached to the weird looking pipe outside of the Apple Shooter Room with a toy car until it falls off.

How do you double jump in Hello Neighbor?

Simply exit, and the player unlocks the ability to double jump by pressing the jump key while in the air.

What are the three fears in Hello Neighbor?

The Full Game’s Fear Levels

  • 1 Fear Darkness. 1.1 Facts.
  • 2 Fear School. 2.1 Facts.
  • 3 Fear Supermarket. 3.1 Facts.

What do you do with the egg in Hello Neighbor hide and seek?

Take the egg in the nest first. This will summon a large bird and release a small toy. Stand on top near the nest and shoot down a small bird flying on the map. It’s best if you shoot in one place and the bird will fly up and fall into your missiles.

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How do you do Act 1 in Hello Neighbor?

In Act 1, your main objective is to obtain the red key to open the door to the mysterious location. After regaining control over the main protagonist, go towards the ball. After a short cutscene, you are caught by the neighbor (unavoidable).

What is the story of Hello Neighbor?

In Hello Neighbor, the player finds themselves moving into a new house across the street from a mysterious neighbor who is behaving in a paranoid manner and seems to be keeping a secret in his basement. The player can stun the neighbor by throwing objects at him for an easier escape.

What is the magnet gun for in Hello Neighbor?

The Magnet Gun is a Key Item and a Tool Item starting in Alpha 2. It is an item used to grab metal items from a distance. It picks up most of the metal items.

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