Question: How Do Eigrp Routers Establish And Maintain Neighbor Relationships?

How do EIGRP routers establish and maintain neighbor relationship?

Answers Explanation & Hints: EIGRP uses hello messages to establish and maintain neighbor relationships.

In which scenario will the use of EIGRP automatic summarization cause inconsistent routing in a network?

If there are discontiguous IPv4 networks, automatic summarization causes inconsistent routing because routes are summarized at classful boundaries. When there is no common subnet between EIGRP neighbors, an adjacency cannot form.

What is the administrative distance of a static route that has been redistributed into EIGRP?

What is the administrative distance of a static route that has been redistributed into EIGRP? Whereas internal EIGRP routes have an administrative distance of 90, redistributed routes, including redistributed static routes, have an administrative distance of 170.

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Where is EIGRP used?

EIGRP is used on a router to share routes with other routers within the same autonomous system. Unlike other well known routing protocols, such as RIP, EIGRP only sends incremental updates, reducing the workload on the router and the amount of data that needs to be transmitted.

What are three features of EIGRP?

The characteristics of EIGRP follow:

  • Hybrid routing protocol (distance vector that has link-state protocol characteristics).
  • Uses IP protocol 88.
  • Classless protocol (supports VLSMs).
  • Default composite metric uses bandwidth and delay.
  • You can factor load and reliability into the metric.

What are two reasons that will prevent two routers from forming an ospfv2 adjacency?

There may be several reasons why two routers running OSPF will fail to form an OSPF adjacency, including these: The subnet masks do not match, causing the routers to be on separate networks. OSPF Hello or Dead Timers do not match. OSPF network types do not match.

Which is a characteristic of EtherChannel?

EtherChannel uses physical ports that have been upgraded to provide a faster connection. STP will not block redundant EtherChannel bundles between two switches. STP treats all interfaces in an EtherChannel bundle as a single logical link. EtherChannel configuration is applied to each physical port.

Which 2 steps must be taken in order to send a default route to other EIGRP routers?

Which two steps must be taken in order to send a default route to other EIGRP routers? (Choose two.) Configure a loopback address. Configure a router ID. Ensure automatic summarization is disabled.

Does EIGRP support unequal cost load balancing?

One of the advantages of EIGRP is that, unlike OSPF and many other routing protocols, EIGRP also supports unequal-cost load balancing. You can set up your router to load balance over links with different metric to reach the destination. To accomplish unequal-cost load balancing, the variance command is used.

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What two statements is correct regarding how a router forwards packets?

What two statements are correct regarding how a router forwards packets? If the packet is destined for a directly connected network, the router forwards the packet out the exit interface indicated by the routing table.

What is a disadvantage of using EIGRP automatic Summarisation?

What is a disadvantage of using EIGRP automatic summarization? It creates inconsistent routing when the network has discontiguous networks. When an organization has discontiguous networks, automatic summarization can cause inconsistent routing.

How do I connect EIGRP and Rip?

Route Redistribution between RIP and EIGRP

  1. Step 1:Assign ip address on router interfaces.
  2. Step 2:Configure RIP Routing on R1:
  3. Step3: configure RIP and EIGRP on Router r2:
  4. Step4: configure EIGRP on Router R3:
  5. Step 5: Redistribute RIP Routes in to EIGRP on R2.
  6. Step 6:Redistribute EIGRP Routes in to RIP on R2.

Which is better EIGRP or OSPF?

EIGRP vs OSPF: Scalability. The scalability of the OSPF is higher than EIGRP because EIGRP is complicated and vendor-specific and incapable of migrating from one vendor to the other. Conversely, OSPF is an open standard and simple protocol through which the network can be scaled easily.

How does EIGRP check redistributed routes?

In order to verify that EIGRP is receiving the redistributed routes, use the show ip route eigrp command. R1#show ip route eigrp 20.0. 0.0/32 is subnetted, 1 subnets D EX 20.20.

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