Quick Answer: How Is Mrs. Purkapile Like Her Spoon River Neighbor, Mr. Mcgee?

How is Mrs Purkapile like his Spoon River neighbor Mrs McGee?

Mrs. Purkapile is like Mr. McGee because they both hold on to their vows. Despite all the hurts and negativity they experienced under the hands of their respective partners, they still held on to their vows and never let go and gave up.

Which of these lines from the epitaph directly states Mrs Purkapile’s reason for staying married?( 10 points?

The correct answer is option C: ” And out of respect for my own character / I refused to be drawn into a divorce.” These lines directly state the reason that Mrs. Purkapile had for staying married.

Which best describes Mrs Purkapile’s attitude toward her husband?

Answer: Mrs. Purkapile’s attitude toward her husband is Option A: Spiteful -even though she knew he wanted a divorce, she refused to grant him one.

Which best describes the Purkapile’s marriage?

Which best describes the Purkapile’s marriage? Resentful—they are together because Mrs. Purkapile won’t get a divorce.

Which best describes Mr Purkapile’s attitude toward his wife 10 points?

The correct answer is Maddened— he wanted a divorce, and she would not agree to it.

What best describes Mrs Peters?

She was real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and—fluttery.

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