Quick Answer: What Do You Do If Your Neighbor Does Not Take Care Of A Bee Problem?

Can I stop my Neighbour keeping bees?

“ Beekeepers have the right to keep bees. Their neighbours have the right to enjoy their property in peace. Badly kept and positioned colonies can be a nuisance”. It is a beekeeper’s responsibility to avoid their bees becoming a nuisance and to take appropriate steps if they so become.

What do I do if my neighbor has bees?

Just stay still. Once a bee realizes you’re not a flower and have no sweet nectar or sugar water to offer, it will go peacefully on its way. If your neighbor invites you to observe their beehive, keep a safe distance. We generally recommend standing at least ten feet away and never directly in front of the entrance.

Can bees bother neighbors?

Their non-foraging activity is contained close to the hive, and if there are visual barriers around them, they often go unnoticed by those nearby. There are several management techniques that can minimize negative interactions between your neighbors and your bees, and we’ve broken them down for you below.

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Is it legal to keep bees in a residential area?

Is It Legal to Keep Bees in a Residential Area? Yes, it is legal to keep bees in certain parts of a residential area. However, there are some cities that do not allow beekeeping in a certain area. There are also other locations were you just need to obtain a permit or license to practice beekeeping at your home.

Can I complain about my Neighbours bees?

And talk to your neighbours firstif they object before you get hives, you can reason with them. If they object when you have bees, you could face disputes with neighbours and complaints to the council..

How much land do I need to keep bees?

Generally speaking, most backyard beekeepers have 1 to 2 acres of land with 2 or 3 bee hives. I have personally had 10 hives on a 1 acre lot in a subdivision. One important thing to do is talk with your neighbors first.

What’s a good bee repellent?


  • Combine 2 or 3 teaspoons of liquid soap with water in your spray bottle.
  • Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your mixture.
  • Add 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to your mixture.
  • Spray this around your doors, windows, decks, patios, and so on to keep your outside events buzz-free.

How far should a beehive be from a house?

It is equally as important to think about how your neighbors use their yard, so it is not a good idea to put a hive directly on a property line. Instead, place your hives ten feet or more from the property line.

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What time of day do bees swarm?

Swarming usually occurs from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, while bearding may occur late in the afternoon into the evening. Generally, bearding bees don’t do back inside until the temperature drops—which may be quite late in the day.

What do you do when bees swarm your house?

In most situations when a honey bee swarm is found on a tree, shrub or house you do not need to do anything. Swarms are temporary and the bees will move on if you patiently ignore them. Stay back and keep others away from the swarm, but feel free to admire and appreciate the bees from a safe distance.

How do I keep my neighbors honey bees away?

To discourage your bees from visiting your neighbor’s pool, provide your own sources of water. The bees prefer water that has some flavor to it, by way of minerals or organic material. You can make your water sources more tasty by adding a small mineral block or water-loving plants in the container.

Should beehives be in sun or shade?

The hive should be placed in early morning sun. This gets the bees out of their hive earlier in the day to forage. In the Northeast, hives can remain in the full sun for the entire season. However in places with warmer climates, hives should receive some afternoon shade.

What is needed to keep bees?

What equipment do I need to start beekeeping? In addition to your bees, you’ll need a beekeeping suit, plus gloves, smoker and a hive tool. When it comes to clothing, go for a maximum protection to avoid stings.

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Can I have a bee hive in my back yard?

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to allow residents to keep beehives in their backyards. The ordinance will limit beekeeping to backyards of single family homes and establish buffer zones, and beekeepers will have to provide a source of water at their hives, according to the Associated Press.

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