Quick Answer: What Happens When You Enter The Door In Hell Neighbor?

What’s behind the door in Hello Neighbor?

Behind the basement door in Alpha 1 was a road picture, as seen from the “nightmare” sequence of the Neighbor entering it and then leaving after a crash occurs inside.

What happens if the neighbor catches you in Hello Neighbor?

What happens if he catches you? “ You are respawned to your part of the map with all your progress saved, but all the objects from your inventory are lost. The game goes on; there are no checkpoints, but if you wish to stop or pause the current game, just click ‘save and quit’ at any point.”

How do you get past the door in Hello Neighbor?

Enter the hole in the wall, then turn around. On your left, you’ll find a golden key hanging from a hook. After making your way through the hole in the wall in Hello Neighbor, be sure to grab the golden key. Grab the golden key, use it to unlock the door, then look for the Red Car Key located nearby.

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Can you break doors in Hello Neighbor?

In Secret Neighbor, doors can open in any way (except for the basement door and the double barn door). If you opened a door (in the player’s house) it would fall over and break.

Who is the shadow man in Hello Neighbor?

The Thing (also known as “The Shadow Man/Boy”) is the secondary antagonist of Hello Neighbor.

Who is the person screaming in Hello Neighbor?

A child named Nicky Roth is playing in the street when he hears screams coming from his neighbor’s, Mr. Peterson, house.

Why is Hello Neighbor so bad?

Hello Neighbor is unpolished to the point that it feels unfinished. The overpowered enemy A.I. makes the gameplay miserable; models and animations are stiff, and physics critical to completing puzzles are so woefully uncalibrated that much of the game feels like you’re stacking boxes and hoping for the best.

Is Hello Neighbor a bad guy?

Theodore Masters Peterson, better known as The Neighbor or Mr. Peterson, is the titular main antagonist of the Hello Neighbor franchise.

Who is Hello Neighbor’s wife?

Diane Peterson, also known as Mrs. Peterson, is the wife of Theodore Peterson and is the mother of Aaron and Mya Peterson.

What is the first thing to do in Hello Neighbor?

In Act 1, your main objective is to obtain the red key to open the door to the mysterious location. After regaining control over the main protagonist, go towards the ball. After a short cutscene, you are caught by the neighbor (unavoidable).

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How do you turn off the generator in Hello Neighbor?

In order to turn off the power generator to get the keycard from the neighbor’s fridge you have to place props in a bedroom in the right areas to unlock the generator’s on and off setting.

What is the magnet gun for in Hello Neighbor?

The Magnet Gun is a Key Item and a Tool Item starting in Alpha 2. It is an item used to grab metal items from a distance. It picks up most of the metal items.

What can break windows in Hello Neighbor?

Nicky can break the window with almost any object and climb through it, so he will have a new passage.

Where is the first key in Hello Neighbor?

The easiest way to find the Red Key that you need to unlock the basement is to climb up the roof using the shelf and boxes on the left of the front porch. You can find a couple of boxes in the backyard, near the back right-hand corner of the house.

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