Readers ask: For Sims Freeplay How Do You Show Your Neighbor Soccwr?

How do you play soccer in a neighbor’s Town on Sims FreePlay?

You need to visit a neighbors town and find a black and white soccer ball out on the grass/the yard of their house. Please keep in mind that the soccer ball won’t appear for the neighbours that come with the game. This mission would need to be completed with a neighbour that you’ve added.

How do you get your Sim to play soccer?

Presented by EA Game Changers As with any career, your Sim can join the Soccer Team career simply by sitting down at a laptop, computer, using their cell phone or by the career tab on the user interface. You will then be given the option to choose which of the two new careers you would like your Sim to join.

How do you get more neighbors on Sims FreePlay?

You can complete weekly Social Goals to earn Social Points. Social Goals require you to use a Neighbor’s town to complete tasks with a Sim. Only friends who are also logged into Facebook in The Sims FreePlay will be visible as neighbors.

Why did my Sim quit the soccer team?

your sim applied for and received the athletic scholarship. this puts them on the soccer team, which counts as a career. as a sim can’t have more than one career it forces your sim to quit whatever job they had.

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Does another SIM town have a soccer ball?

Re: How do i play soccer in another sim town? The soccer ball would be in the yard of a house on a patch of grass. If you only have the game neighbor then you will not find it in that neighborhood. You can add neighbors through Facebook or, if you’re using an Apple device, Game Center.

How do you start a career as a musician on Sims Freeplay?

How do I start this career? You firstly need to build the recording studio and then you will be able to select musician from the list of careers. Once your sim is a musician you can click on the pulsing suitcase on the simtracker to send them to work once a day.

How do you get the badges in Sims Freeplay?

To get another badge, you have to wait for the next day. Build a workstation = Build a workstation. If you don’t have enough resources, you can build a workstation using LP. If you don’t want to use LP, you can continue to collect resources before building a workstation.

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