Readers ask: What Can You Do About A Noisy Upstairs Neighbor In The Law?

How do I deal with noisy upstairs neighbors legally?

Try Negotiating With Your Noisy Neighbors

  1. Choose the time of day when you know your neighbor is at home.
  2. Be calm and collected when you go for a visit.
  3. Bring some homemade baked goods if you want to be extra friendly.
  4. Knock on their door calmly.
  5. Inform them in a friendly but confident way of the noise they’re making.

Can you complain about stomping upstairs neighbors?

Call The Cops And Give Them Warning This is the starting of legal action against your neighbor. If your neighbor isn’t stop producing loud stomping noise during your working or sleeping hours. Then you call the local police and explain your situation to them.

How do I stop noise from upstairs floors?

How to Reduce Noise from Upstairs Floors [10 Effective Ways]

  1. Insulate the Ceiling.
  2. Improve the Mass of the Ceiling (without demo)
  3. Replace the Ceiling.
  4. Use Soundproofing Sealant.
  5. Install Drop Ceiling.
  6. Soundproof the Floor Above You.
  7. Use Resilient Underlayment with Damping Compound.
  8. Reduce Squeaking.

Can my upstairs neighbor hear me?

The short answer is yes! Lower level apartments tend to hear more noise from foot traffic, furniture moving and the like. The biggest complaint with regard to noise from lower level apartments, is the noise neighbors make above them while walking around.

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How do I get my upstairs neighbor to stop stomping?

How to Stop Hearing Your Noisy Upstairs Neighbors’ Stomping

  1. Ask Your Neighbors to Be Quiet.
  2. Have Them Lay Down Some Carpets and Underlays.
  3. Decouple Your Ceiling With Resilient Channels.
  4. Build a Suspended Ceiling.
  5. Give Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine.

How do I stop sound from upstairs neighbors?

How to Reduce Noise from Upstairs Floors

  1. Locate the Source of the Noise and Talk to The Neighbors.
  2. Using Acoustic Form.
  3. Using Drywall.
  4. Using Green Glue.
  5. Installing Acoustic Tiles.
  6. Install Resilient Channels.
  7. Consider Moving Out.

Can I sue my upstairs neighbor for squeaky floor?

Owners of hard (and noisy) floors in associations without such a restriction are not protected. The neighbor below might complain or even sue, claiming the unreasonable intrusion of noise into their home is a nuisance. These conflicts are always very unpleasant, and neighbors should try hard to avoid them.

How can you soundproof an existing floor without removing a ceiling?

How Do You Soundproof an Existing Ceiling Without Removing Drywall?

  1. Install a Drop Ceiling.
  2. Hang Curtains From the Ceiling.
  3. Add Some Decorations.
  4. Use Furnishing to Your Advantage.
  5. Implement Soundproofing Materials.
  6. Soundproof the Floor Above.

How do I tell my upstairs neighbor is walking too loud?

How Do I Turn Down My Upstairs Neighbors’ Loud Footsteps?

  1. Start by introducing yourself.
  2. State the problem as politely as possible.
  3. Blame the floors for the noise to prevent them from getting defensive.
  4. Suggest them to put a rug on the floor or wear soft slippers.

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